LEGO Set: Sandcrawler

If you follow me on Instagram or other social media, you may have already seen some pictures of the LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler (75059) I built recently. At 3296 pieces – separated into about 20 numbered bags – this Ultimate Collector’s Series set is the biggest set I’ve ever had the pleasure of building. Note the size of the minifigures when compared to the sandcrawler itself! It’s approximately 24cm high and 48 cm long – so it is pretty imposing! It comes with quite a few minifigs, including several Jawas, Luke Skywalker and Owen Lars, plus R2-D2, C-3PO and several other droids. 

As you’ll see in some of the photos, the sandcrawler has numerous moving parts, including the wheels (which can be steered), a big crane and the front ramp. The side panels also open outward, and the middle side panels have a small opening through which you can load cargo. Beneath these are some small storage containers. The ‘lid’ also comes off to reveal the control room in the front and the inner workings below. There’s even a little transport speeder included, which fits nicely inside the front section. The whole thing feels very sturdy and solid, much like the sandcrawlers seen in the Star Wars films. The set also includes a special instruction book with a bit of background on sandcrawlers and their transformation into LEGO.

I had a blast building this set over a two week period. Here are some photos of this awesome set:

All photos © Abigail Holden, taken with my LG G4.

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