Character Background: Skittle


CN male ratfolk alchemist (grenadier), played by Daniel Hallinan

poisonedwindglobadierBorn within the depths of Riddleport’s mines, Skittle fostered a slightly maniacal obsession and joy over the destruction wrought by his alchemical explosives.

When born, the blasts, booms, and toxic gasses that form the respiration and heartbeat of deep mining were largely part of Skittle’s world, before he managed to crawl his way out of the deep dark. The lifestyle necessitated by surviving both the environment and those who’d try to kill his kind off in fear of pilfering soon-to-be-mined valuables resulted one fighting fire with fire – or more accurately, when the only thing you can find outside of dirt are explosives, you learn to love the bomb.

The constant surge and shock within the mines has left Skittle feeling right at home whenever he feels such force, or when he causes such force himself.

Image credit: Mythic Entertainment

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