Keeping Up with the Joneses #99


With the birth of the first set of twins in the Jones family in three generations, the Jones household was expanding faster than expected. Felicia decided to build an upstairs area with two bedrooms to allow some family members to get away from the chaos.


The new bedrooms also provided a lot of inspiration for Edith to draw on while she painted. She wasn’t far now from becoming both a Patron of the Arts and completing her dreams of being a Painter Extraordinaire.


While Edith spent her time painting, Erik was working towards his goals. He was a busy Sim, free of the duties of being an heir. He was a collector of rocks, plants, frogs and more, earning himself the Curator title. He then turned his mind to other skills, which lined up nicely with his career as an interstellar smuggler. He achieved the Nerd Brain and Freelance Botanist titles as well as the Mansion Baron and the Fabulously Wealthy aspirations. This earned him the Over Achiever nickname.


Meanwhile, Glen and Genesis had grown up. Glen was a mean little boy with lots of energy, so he spent most of his time on the monkey bars in the back yard.


Genesis was more of a geek than her brother, and was determined to be the smartest kid in school. Erik helped her by challenging her to many chess matches.


Sometimes he even let her win.

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