Keeping Up with the Joneses #102


Felicia was learning that mischief was a tough skill to master. There were only so many fights she could start on any given day. So she ordered herself a voodoo doll and began secretly experimenting on her little brother.


Now that Genesis and Glen were a little older, Luke told Felicia that he had always wanted a big family. Felicia agreed, thinking to herself that it would give her more Sims to practice her mischievous skills on.


Although Edith was gone, she was not forgotten. The cowplant seed she had planted the day she died soon grew into a full size cowplant. It was impossible to tell if it found the skeletons of its unfortunate predecessors unsettling or comforting.


It had been a while since there had been a fire in the Jones household. This time, it was little Glen who started the fire after an ill-fated experiment at the chemistry table. Luckily Luke was nearby and extinguished the blaze while the rest of the family panicked.


The next day, Felicia┬ádiscovered that she was pregnant, and blamed her violence against the children’s dollhouse on a mood swing.


Freddy suspected it was actually Felicia’s dark side showing itself once again, but he had never been able to prove that his sister was actually evil. He still had no idea about the voodoo doll, and blamed his recent random bouts of pain on his age and the stress of his management job.

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