Keeping Up with the Joneses #103


In what seemed like no time at all, the twins’ birthday had arrived. They each found a delicious chocolate cake in the kitchen, complete with candles just begging them to make a wish.


No one told them it was the same cake, and they didn’t seem to notice.


Genesis grew up into an active teenager, having been a rambunctious scamp as a child. She was already an accomplished geek and certified whiz kid. Being physically and mentally gifted, it seemed like Genesis was destined for great things. She already considered herself more likely to become the next heir.

Glen, on the other hand, turned into a rather lazy teen. He too was physically gifted, but had spent more of his childhood being mean to others instead of focusing on his studies. His future aspirations involved mixology.


To celebrate the twins’ birthday, the family decided to go on a camping trip. Felicia didn’t like the idea of actually camping, so they rented a rustic cottage near the lake in Granite Falls.


Freddy in particular enjoyed the trip. He met a number of young women at neighbouring campsites, but he also discovered he had a passion for collecting bugs.


Glen spent most of the trip lost in the woods. Although he eventually came across a park ranger, he refused to ask for directions, and spent many hours contemplating the wonders of the forest.

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