Keeping Up with the Joneses #105


The family sat around the table one morning, discussing the rocket crash. “Uncle Erik could have died!” Glen commented. The others agreed solemnly. The weeds in the garden outside the kitchen window were an unwelcome reminder of Sim mortality – the garden hadn’t been properly cared for since Edith had passed away.


Meanwhile, Erik was hard at work rebuilding his ship. He would never get that promotion if heĀ couldn’t fly missions. After several days and nights of work, he was well on his way to having a fully functional spaceship. He even managed to improve the design a little as he went. Erik knew he wasn’t getting any younger, and he couldn’t afford any setbacks on his way to becoming an interstellar smuggler.


Felicia had some exciting news to share with Luke. She was expecting again! Luke was beside himself with excitement.


Even Genesis was thrilled to feel the baby kick for the first time.


Felicia’s pregnancy passed in the blink of an eye, and soon the baby was ready to be born.


Much to everyone’s surprise, the baby turned out to be twins! Luke and Felicia named them Gabrielle and Genevieve.

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