Keeping Up with the Joneses #106


Luke was overjoyed that Felicia had had twins. Now his family, and his legacy, was bigger than he had ever dreamed! He didn’t yet know what his new daughters would become, but he knew they were destined for greatness.


Genesis helped care for her new baby sisters in between school and her shifts at the local burger joint. She was an A student and wanted to keep it that way. Still, that didn’t mean she was going to neglect her family responsibilities. Plus this was good experience in caring for her own children one day. Genesis knew Glen had no desire to be the next Jones heir, so it was up to Genesis as the oldest willing child.


Freddy had just sat down for an early dinner after a long day at the office when he took a closer look at his food. “I can’t believe there’s vegetables in this! It’s getting in the way of the meat. I work hard all day long and they can’t even leave decent meals in the fridge.”


“Hey, Glen, wanna swap? Vegetables are very healthy.” Freddy tried his luck with his nephew, who was now seriously regretting the timing of his afternoon snack…


Erik was now so obsessed with reaching the top of the astronaut career before he died that he was flying back to back space missions in between upgrading his spaceship and working around the house.


Apparently no one else in the house was capable of repairing the entertainment system… Erik vaguely remembered Uncle Declan joking about this before he died, but Erik had paid it no mind back then. “You’ll end your days with a wrench in your hand…” were not words that a young Sim took to heart. Now, however, the words floated up from deep in Erik’s memory.

Despite this endless list of chores, Erik was determined to fulfill his mother’s dream of becoming an interstellar smuggler. Or had she wanted to be a space ranger? It all seemed so long ago now…

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