Keeping Up with the Joneses #108


Despite being twins, Gabrielle and Genevieve were as different as could be. Gabrielle was turning out to be quite the little glutton, while Genevieve was a lover of the arts. Both girls were keen to hone their mental skills, which worked out well for them. The sisters whiled away many an afternoon challenging one another to chess matches.


It wasn’t long after the twins grew up that Erik finally got that promotion he’d been after all these long years. He was now a fully-fledged interstellar smuggler. He transported everything from fugitives to apples to small furry creatures. It was a dream come true for Erik. It was a pity that it had come so late in his life.


Part of Freddy’s career path was to become more and more charismatic. What easier way to do that than to talk to the pretty ladies in the neighbourhood? Unfortunately, Freddy’s job kept him at the office more than he would have liked, leaving very little time for socialising.


Of course, Freddy was more than a little surprised to discover that one of his close friends had lied about her age…!


The daily grind was something all the adult Sims in the Jones household had to contend with. Some days were harder than others, as Luke discovered. It was even worse now that he was older – he hoped all the physical exertion wouldn’t kill him before he could reach the top of his career.

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