Drifter Challenge – House 001.03

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I decided to start another challenge in addition to my legacy challenge. The drifter challenge is a ‘starting from scratch’ challenge, where you take a completely empty game world and slowly build it up over several generations. Each generation lives in a certain location and has certain challenges to complete before the next heir becomes a young adult. Oh, and you can only control a single Sim! You can check out the full rules of the drifter challenge over on the Sims forums

Drifter Challenge - Megan

The next day, some of the plants in my garden seemed to have flourished overnight. I spent some time looking after them and they looked even healthier after that. I found some tomatoes to add to my garden and found a time capsule containing a cute little doll. It didn’t sell for much, but it was better than nothing.

My new job had me practising mischief on every Sim I came in contact with. Most of them didn’t find my jokes all that entertaining, but I had to improve my work performance. I did score an invite to the Renegades club, which seemed like a good fit for me. I grilled some hot dogs for dinner and spent the night in my little tent. It was so much better than sleeping on that bench.

I managed to swipe a book at my next work shift, which made me feel a lot better about things. I managed to buy a trash can, which helped me keep my lot clean. Not that I had much to throw away, but with no cupboards or even a sink, I was forced to throw away all my dishes after every meal. It seemed wasteful to me, but new dishes always appeared whenever I grilled a new meal.

Drifter Challenge House 001

One of the Sims I had met in my time in Oasis Springs was Marcus. He’s pretty good looking and clearly works out. So I was pretty happy when he dropped by to say hi. I couldn’t offer him anything to drink or eat, or even a place to sit, but he seemed happy to see me anyway. I did feel bad when my work shift started and I left him standing awkwardly next to my shower…

Anyway, the next day, a lot of my plants were ready to be harvested, and I was able to sell enough produce to buy a grill AND a table and chair to eat at. I even swiped a new book from work. I worked extra hard at my next shift and finally got that promotion I’d been waiting for. I was now a petty thief! Fortunately no one was around to see me pass out when I got home. Between work and constantly looking after my garden, I was exhausted.

Drifter Challenge House 001

Things were quiet the next day. This was a good thing, since I could hardly move after sleeping on the ground in that ridiculous position. Definitely worse than my nights on the bench! I read one of the books I’d swiped and chatted to a plant to stop myself from feeling too lonely. I was just feeling sorry for myself when Marcus rang and invited me to a party at the Bluffs. It was the first time I’d been able to leave my neighbourhood, except for work, and the party was pretty great. I got talking to Marcus and found out that he’s single! Plus I learned to dance and ate some really weird food from the bar. The barkeep called it a ‘pretzel’. It tasted pretty good after the food I’d been making for myself, at any rate.

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