Drifter Challenge – House 001.04

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I decided to start another challenge in addition to my legacy challenge. The drifter challenge is a ‘starting from scratch’ challenge, where you take a completely empty game world and slowly build it up over several generations. Each generation lives in a certain location and has certain challenges to complete before the next heir becomes a young adult. Oh, and you can only control a single Sim! You can check out the full rules of the drifter challenge over on the Sims forums

Drifter Challenge - Megan

I stumbled home from the party at the Bluffs early the next morning. I wasn’t feeling too good, so I took a nap. When I woke up, I noticed that the mailman had paid me a visit. I had my first mail that wasn’t the Geo Council sending me element samples! I ripped the envelope open excitedly, only to realise that I had received my very first bill. I couldn’t believe the government was charging me to live in this dump after all. So much for ‘free’. 84 Simoleans seemed pretty steep considering all I owned was a tent, a grill, a shower, a table and one chair, and some stupid plants! What would the bills cost when I had an actual house?!

Oh well. With the money from my last harvest, I was able to pay the bill easily. I spent the rest of the day working in my garden. I even experimented with taking some cuttings from one plant and attaching them to other plants. My first few attempts just fell right off, but eventually I managed to make a few stick. I wondered what monstrous hybrid plant I had created. (It turned out to be a boring plant that produced strawberries and daisies… ugh.)

Drifter Challenge 001

After a long shift of petty thievery, I was disappointed to find that I didn’t get to keep anything I had pilfered. So I stole another book from the office out of spite. I spent the next day exploring the neighbourhood again. I managed to scrounge up a treasure map and it led me to a time capsule containing another one of those adorable dolls. I wonder if I’ll be able to collect the whole set? That afternoon I had a visit from another cute guy I’d seen around the neighbourhood. His name is Paolo and he’s single too! He didn’t think much of my pick up lines though… Still, at least I could try again if things didn’t work out with Marcus – once I get over the embarrassment!

Drifter Challenge 001

After another good harvest and a few work shifts, I was able to build my very first room, with walls and a door and everything. It was little more than an outhouse, but I was over the moon. I could finally shower and use the toilet indoors! Plus I was finally able to sell that horrible bush I’d had to pee in the first few days.

Drifter Challenge 001

I even put in a sink. I hesitated before hanging the mirror. Did I really need to see my reflection every day? I supposed if I was going to win over Marcus or Paolo or some other suitor, I’d have to look my best… Especially since my charms weren’t really getting me anywhere at this point. Perhaps I could also use the mirror to practice a few pick up lines?

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