Drifter Challenge – House 001.05

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I decided to start another challenge in addition to my legacy challenge. The drifter challenge is a ‘starting from scratch’ challenge, where you take a completely empty game world and slowly build it up over several generations. Each generation lives in a certain location and has certain challenges to complete before the next heir becomes a young adult. Oh, and you can only control a single Sim! You can check out the full rules of the drifter challenge over on the Sims forums

Drifter Challenge - Megan

Things started going pretty well after I built that first room. Indoor plumbing really put a spring in my step. I managed to buy a few more things to spruce the place up: some wind chimes, a bird feeder, and a water slide! Finally – something to keep me entertained besides those books I’ve been swiping from work.

Marcus invited me to the Bluffs again, but this time it was just me and him. I decided to do something a little bit crazy. I dared Marcus to go skinny dipping in the pond with me…. and he agreed! After that, well, let’s just say it felt like the date ended all too soon.

Drifter Challenge House 001

Before I headed home, I took some cuttings from plants in the Bluffs area. This time my grafting experiments yielded much more interesting results. One of my plants started producing grapes! Not sure exactly what combination did that… I’ve grafted so many plants, they all sort of run into one another. At least all of this meant I had plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to feed myself, and the birds as well. They didn’t seem too grateful, though. The next time I tried feeding them, they attacked me! I think I’ll stop feeding them for a while and see how they like it.

Drifter Challenge House 001

With my next harvest, I was able to make enough money to add two new rooms to my house: a bedroom and a kitchen! No more grilling for me! Okay, technically my first meal on my new stove was grilled cheese, but I made it on a stove so it doesn’t count. Things were looking up for me, and then Marcus invited me to a party at the ancient ruins. It was pretty cool, but my highlight was finding a voodoo doll. I bound it to Marcus. I knew he probably wouldn’t be too happy if he found out, but I was having too much fun to care!

Drifter Challenge House 001

The next few days were a blur of work, broken showers and toilets, and more bills. 196 simoleans for my tiny 3-room house? Daylight robbery! I ended up late for work the next day, and I had to admit, I was earning more money selling produce from my garden. I decided to take a vacation day to tend the garden and think about what I really wanted to do with my life here in Oasis Springs.

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